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During the summer of 2019, I was given the opportunity to rebrand HeadStart Primary. HeadStart Primary is a company who specialises in educational materials for primary school teachers. They have successfully sold their books for the past ten years and more, and are continually developing new materials for all the subjects. A new venture last year saw them release their first science books, which have gone down exceptionally well with teachers. This year sees the release of a new series of Guided Reading materials, which judging by the content, will have equally positive feedback.

It has been a privilege to work with HeadStart over the years and watch them continually grow into the company they are now. So the pressure was on when we looked at a fresh new look for the company. There is hopefully going to be a brand new website out which will see the transition to not just printed material, but to digital downloads too, so watch this space.

The branding that the company currently had, needed a fresh new approach, but to still retain the look and feel of the old one. We wanted clients to recognise the design, but give it a makeover. So new characters were drawn up and the idea of each year group has its own brand colour was put forward. The font used was minimal and eye-catching. The word ‘Primary’ then appeared with all six new year group colours and a general colour for use alongside it, so as not to get confused with the years. A new background was drawn up for each subject. This will then be used on all the literature and website going forward. The coloured band determines which year group the book is, and the project description appears in the new brand font.

The new look and feel will hopefully be rolled out from the start of 2020 onwards.

““I’ve been looking for a really good graphic designer for some time now, with only limited success. As soon as I saw the work done by Kathryn, I knew I needed to look no further. She translated what was in my head into a superb eye-catching design for a book cover – at a very reasonable cost too. I would recommend her work to anyone.””

Peter Sumner - HeadStart Primary

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