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Triangle Software

Back in 2013 I helped to create a new branding for Triangle Software. They went on to create a website and utilise the logo to great effect. Roll on 2020, and of course Covid. It had been discussed over the past few years to have an overhaul, so they decided why not now? They had developed new areas within the business and wanted to split their customer offerings into four different sections to attract a larger target audience for these new avenues.

The first step was how to use Triangle as the master brand and then have the four elements as sub brands, but still presenting them as stand alone organisations. The idea being that each one would be marketed for a specific set of service offerings. It was quite a challenge and provided numerous obstacles. The whole team was involved and via numerous zoom meetings and calls, we agreed a way forward.

It was great working with everyone, as it meant that every element could be explored and ideas could be thrown around. A professional copywriter was employed to get the message across and icons were designed to back up the text. The result is a set of four websites, all with their own unique look and feel, but when viewed together as a whole, they look like a well connected software family. 

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