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HeadStart – Guided Reading Series

I am excited to see these finally go on sale. They are the first series of educational books showcasing the new branding for HeadStart Primary. The Guided Reading range, written by Clive Stack, is a series dedicated to promoting reading and understanding for Key Stage One and Key Stage Two levels. It’s an engaging and motivating resource for teachers, and it is designed to help children become confident and proficient readers.

It has been produced with love, care and attention to detail. And trust me, there has been scrupulous amounts of attention to detail. Cliff Woodcock, who is a local artist was drafted in to create realistic illustrations for all the subject matter covered, from the class tale of the Gingerbread Man, to the history of the Great Fire of London. As a fellow illustrator, it has been a pleasure to work alongside him during this process. His realistic style has added so much character to the series. And the best part, is that teachers will get all the images to use in class too. I’d have loved this as a kid. Rather than the usual regurgitated photocopies that are used again and again.

The writing by Clive is fantastic, and the whole process has been a pleasure to work on, both visually and creatively. Previously, I have worked on mathematical subjects for HeadStart Primary, and now they are branching out into other subject fields, it is a refreshing challenge to come up with page designs that work best for the children. Charlene who works at HeadStart Primary in the design department, has also been great in helping complete the project. With something so complex and work heavy, she was a second pair of hands to get the work on the series done, and she helped to do a fantastic job.

If anybody knows a fellow teacher, then maybe show them this, it’s a great series, and I suspect will benefit a lot of teachers and the children. HeadStart have a great policy of try before you buy, and will send out hard copies free of charge. And if you aren’t happy you can ship them back free of charge. So you have no excuse.

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