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Halilit musical toys have been producing great products for children for many years. I was excited to be given the opportunity to look at redesigning their packaging. This was quite a challenge, as all the musical instruments needed to have their own boxes, which were designed specifically for them. Cut outs needed to be used correctly to hold in the toys, and sometimes folds were utilised to keep the toys from falling out or sliding around in the boxes. Firstly though, a new design had to be created, and although the previous design worked, it was looking slightly tired and dated. The client wanted something more modern and in keeping with current trends. Bold, eye-catching and simple, but yet colourful and with enough information to get the product details across.
PageImageHALILITMUSICI freshened up their existing logo which you can see on the cover of their old catalogue above. The colours could now be utilised within the new packaging brand, the circles currently in use were turned into colourful bubbles and they now appear across the packaging as shout outs to that particular selling point for the product. The background was illustrated, I used very simple hand-drawn icons of their classic musical toys. This was then used to sit on the solid red design, and when needed, featured as an internal design if the box was a window box. Once everything was in place, the new look and feel was rolled out across the packaging.

When a closed box was created, I took clean crisp shots of the toys from above, and then placed the colourful circles around the image. If the box required the product to be seen, a new cutting guide was created to showcase the instrument inside. Sometimes a view hole was used to show beads within the drums, or spinners within the Rainbomakers. As challenging as it all was, it was very rewarding to see it all come together.

The new design is currently being rolled out, so hopefully, you’ll spot it on the shelves soon.

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