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Educational Design and Literature


Being a graphic designer and an illustrator means that over the past nine years I have worked on numerous educational projects, from actually designing and putting together literature for children to learn from through to School Prospectuses. I have also produced signage and literature for schools and nurseries. Working for the education sector is always rewarding as it has such a positive impact on the school and the children, but it also means that I can cater the design work to be bespoke for the nursery or school. There is no clip art involved. It is all created from scratch and hand drawn. If you think your nursery or school would benefit from anything similar to this then please get in touch.

Nursery Logo or School Crest

A project that is always fun, is when the children at a particular school or nursery have worked together to design their own School crest, or their nursery logo. I always think it adds to the personality of the setting. Obviously the difficulty with this, is that normally it'll be done with paint, or crayons, or other types of medium. So it's my job to work with the school to create a digital version which represents the artwork. The file is normally then presented as a vector file, which means it can used correctly on signage and appear across all types of literature. Here a few that I have worked on over the recent years, which have then gone on to be used throughout the school, from floor vinyls, through to clothing and websites.

Educational Materials

Over the years, I have worked with various schools and educational settings to put together all kinds of literature. One in particular is HeadStart Ltd, who produce various material for schools. And it's always been great to work with them, as they employ actual teachers to produce the work, which is then put together into worksheets. Consideration is always given to spacing for children to write, the correct fonts that are easily legible, and keeping the layout simple and engaging.  You can read more about HeadStart here

Farm School

Georgie at The Nest Farm school, runs a small independent educational setting, which allows children of all ages to engage in various farm activities. This is the logo that was created for her and which was also then used across all social media platforms. You can read about the farm school here.

“Kath brought my visions from my mind to illustrations, and produced a magnificent logo for my business. Great communication, such attention to detail and expert layout, from ideas through to finished product. Absolutely over the moon.”

Georgie Mitchell - Farm School Manager

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