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Farm School

Branding Illustration

Last year, I was approached by Georgie and asked to look at her new branding and image. She currently had a logo but was contemplating a name change, and she also wanted to bring a bit more fun and quirkiness to the look. After numerous chats and discussions, I created a hand drawn logo, based on the farm animals, and gave it an element of fun. The main lettering is hand drawn, which makes the design unique, and throughout the branding are splashes of mud. Giving the sense of fun and classic farm days. You can't visit farm school without getting covered in mud. And that is a sign that you've had fun. 

Alongside the main logo, I created a social media icon, as the social side of Farm School is one of the driving forces behind the marketing of it. Georgie was really pleased with the end result.

The Social Media Icon above, covers mainly Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. It still maintains the brand of the Farm School, but enables it to stay visually readable when scaled down.

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