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Tweet for charity!


I got kindly asked yesterday if I would be able to step in and tweet the next installment of the 3hundreedand65 graphic novel. In a nutshell, the 3hundredand65 project is a year long story, but tweeted by lots of different people. As well as the public there will be famous musicians, artists, poets, writers, DJ’s and sportspeople contributing. Each day a new tweet is sent out by a chosen individual, that tweet then features as an illustration by Dave Kirkwood. These however are rough sketches helping the story to grow, these will eventually be published when the project finishes in a book alongside commentary and the tweets. It’s all for a really good cause, ‘Teenage Cancer Trust’, so if you think you can get behind it please do. Even if it’s just spreading the word or following on Twitter. Anyway, if you want to see my Tweet and the resulting illustration, check out this link. Or have a look at the full site and see how the story is progressing! Or if you want to help out the cause and do your good deed for the day then visit the Teenage Cancer Trust site,

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